I have had amazing success with Body By Demond as a personal trainer. I recommend you to see for yourself, what’s the worse that can happen? A total body makeover? I’ll take those odds!! As a mother of 3, I never thought I could be in my 40s and yet feel better than I was in my 20s or 30s. Demond customized a workout for my busy lifestyle that exceeded my goals. I now have a total change in my attitude about nutrition and overall motivation. It’s mind, body and spirit! Get elevated and get Body By Demond! -KCJ


Demond is by far the best trainer I’ve had. He created a personalized workout plan along with a meal plan that took me down 50 lbs in less than 3 months. His dedication to his craft shows clearly thru his work ethic and his clients. Thank you for building my confidence and changing my mindset about fitness. Terence

Terence Browner

AM GOOD HEALTH…I am not a diet, a fad, pills, or a quick fix. I looked in the mirror and was very unhappy with what I saw. It was at that point I decided to change my eating, physical activity, mindset, and find a great trainer to set me on my way. So now after “MANY” pounds later, I thank Demond every time I square my feet correctly, lift a weight I thought was impossible, or just flex when I’m in the mirror. I love my new look and love every training session with Demond because he makes it WILD and exciting each time. Thank you Demond.