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Meal Plans

No matter how much you work out, without a base or understanding for nutrition, it will be hard for you to reach your fitness goal. Therefore, customized meal plan options allow you to take advantage of the wide variety of healthy food choices that will support you, the client, in either weight loss or weight gain. Click to view FREE “NEED-TO-KNOW” Nutritional Facts



Detox Plans

One of the best ways to tune up your engine and restore your body to its natural state of being is to embark on a detox diet. The purpose of the detox diet is to aid in the elimination of toxins and waste from the body caused by the consumption of large amounts of processed foods and animal bi-products. Get your Detox Plan now!

Custom Plans

Whether you simply want to lose fat, gain muscle, and work on a specific sport or combination of goals – Body By Demond will tailor your workouts to accommodate you. We will design a workout plan that has the appropriate training volume, intensity, frequency, and select exercises and progressions to get you to your goals efficiently. Try a sample Workout Plan today!