Old Testimonials

Little did I know that March 2012 was the beginning of my "GOOD HEALTH" journey. Not only has this journey changed my appearance, it has been uplifting, mind changing, and most of all, EMPOWERING!! Thanks Demond.




Hello! My name is Alexis a.k.a "Lex from BLISS" and I am so thankful BodyByDemond found me! I had lost weight and Demond commented on a picture on my Instagram stating "give me 90 days and watch me take your body to new "fitness heights"!! That's usually the line I hear from all trainers but something about his energy made me respond. After only 30 days of training with Demond I noticed a dramatic improvement in my physique. I expressed to him I wanted a tighter stomach, bigger thighs, and of course (the struggle of many) a bigger butt! To my surprise that's EXACTLY what I got! My waist was a 30 and is now a 26 (almost 25) my butt was a 33 and is now a 36.5/37! My body has never been more toned! I appreciate that he listened to my needs and encouraged me daily, and I continue to live the fit lifestyle! Once you've started, he won't let you stop! - Lex_fromBLISS


rebirth - the process of being reincarnated or born again.

The world knows her as @Kamille_leai!!! However, I've known her as bright, joyful, smiling, hardworking, and always saying, "Lex let me try that crazy exercise too"....lol Anyway, thank you for entrusting me and my training program that has now aided you in your new healthy way of life and your new vibrant acting career. Salute to you and your #TheRebirthClub movement.

From your trainer and associate,
Body By Demond, LLC.


I AM GOOD HEALTH...I am not a diet, a fad, pills, or a quick fix. I looked in the mirror and was very unhappy with what I saw. It was at that point I decided to change my eating, physical activity, mindset, and find a great trainer to set me on my way. So now after "MANY" pounds later, I thank Demond every time I square my feet correctly, lift a weight I thought was impossible, or just flex when I'm in the mirror.



I love my new look and love every training session with Demond because he makes it WILD and exciting each time. Thank you Demond.





Health is not about how good you look!! It's about having an open mind, fit body, and an evolving spirit...As we age our level of overall fitness should improve, not decline. For people should better understand how to achieve a balanced mental state, make time to improve their physical body, and identify how the spirit moves through us all!! "I AM GOOD HEALTH".



When I met Demond, I was working out to just maintain. He helped me to realize what working out really could do for me and what the result would look like. As he showed me the way to exercise and eat right, I was able to drop 30 lbs and 6 pants sizes. Thank you Demond for showing me that GOOD HEALTH really isn't all that bad.




I would like to thank Body By Demond for motivating me to take weight training as a hobby and turn it into a lifestyle, that has now become my working profession.





Even with only training with Demond for two days a week I was still able to reach my goals. His home workout plans that he put together for me were just as great and allowed me to not miss a beat!!!




Because today is another chance to get it right. - Unknown

Before meeting Lafayette Simpkins of Body by Demond, I struggled with effective and consistent workout plans and didn't know how to eat. I know that sounds funny, but I didn't know how to eat in a healthy and smart way. I followed the Body by Demond fitness and nutrition plans and lost close to 30 pounds. Just as important as the weight loss, is the increased strength and toning of my body. I'm still a work in progress, but, thanks to Lafayette Simpkins, I am well equipped to reach my goal.


I became really passionate about fitness and perfecting my body about 2 1/2 years ago. During that time I found Demond's Instagram page and became inspired by his training videos and client photos.
Through training I learned to never QUIT!!! Demond tells me to take a quick break, but never give up and to keep pushing yourself. Demond has also taught me how to hold myself accountable for everything that I do and eat.



I hired Body By Demond because I had a small frame and I really wanted to gain weight and build lean muscle. I chose Body By Demond because he offered small group training and he also provided meal plans that were catered to my needs of weight gain. I can truly say his programs pushed me and took me to new fitness levels. He kept the group sessions small so that he can provide individual attention when needed. I definitely saw results within the first month. Not only did I gain 15 lbs of good weight, I lost inches off my waist.



When I made the decision that I wanted to get in the best shape of my life, I put my trust in Demond and his program. My fitness journey is far from complete, but I have come a long way through hard work, dedication, and time. Demond's program shows you that, with effort and commitment, you can achieve the body you desire without quick fixes or gimmicks.



"I don't want my clients to be average, I want you all to GREAT!" Words of Demond pushing me and pushing me because he believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. After 2 personal trainers, several diets and my body hitting a plateau, I found the best trainer in Atlanta who made me reach my weight loss goals. Even after taking a break, he continued to show support and encouragement so I could remain focused, to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. He's such a great motivator; even during our workout sessions he would tell us random health tips. From your awesome meal plans, at home workouts and beast mode training sessions, you're the BEST. Thank you and love you so much! You've taught me how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle! I encourage everyone to get a Body By Demond!


After trying out different trainers in Atlanta, I found Demond on Instagram. What stood out to me was his ability and knowledge to put weight on small frames. I trusted him and the process when friends and family joked about it being impossible for me to gain weight. After my first phase of training I'm still In shock my Butt is visible from the side and inches still dropping off my waist. Now the same friends that laughed at me all want my trainers number!!!! Thank You Demond!



Maderia joined my program with having a background in collegiate sports. Like most athletes when the playing days are over that extra body weight tends to come there after. However, because muscle has memory Maderia bounce back body only took 60 days of great workouts and a tailored eating program. Great job Maderia and keep up the "AWESOME" work!!




When fitness becomes your new lifestyle, you know you have been “Bodied By Demond”!!! Working out use to be a hit or miss kind of thing for me. However, after my 60 day mark of training with Demond I noticed my body had transformed majorly and complement from my peers became never ending. I have been training now with Demond for about 2 yrs. and have never missed a week of training since. Thank you Demond for helping me change my body and making “GOOD HEALTH” a lifestyle.



Who says being a single mother and owning a business you can’t find time to workout and have a banging body? Michelle started her new fitness journey with me after losing 50 lbs. and then hitting a plateau. Like most of the people that seek my advice, Michelle needed a major nutritional revamp and a workout program to compliment her goals. Well, I will let you guys be the judge of this masterpiece!!!




Being a vegan, I had a hard time building toned and full muscles. However, with my training program with Demond, he showed me how to fine tone my diet and incorporate the right exercise that would highlight my body. With my new body and new found passion for fitness, my new fitness goals are to one day become a fitness competitor. Thank you Demond for guidance and inspiration.