Hello! My name is Alexis a.k.a “Lex from BLISS” and I am so thankful Body By Demond found me! I had lost weight and Demond commented on a picture on my Instagram stating “give me 90 days and watch me take your body to new “fitness heights”!! That’s usually the line I hear from all trainers but something about his energy made me respond. After only 30 days of training with Demond I noticed a dramatic improvement in my physique. I expressed to him I wanted a tighter stomach, bigger thighs, and of course (the struggle of many) a bigger butt! To my surprise that’s EXACTLY what I got! My waist was a30 and is now a 26 (almost 25) my butt was a 33 and is now a 36.5/37! My body has never been more toned! I appreciate that he listened to my needs and encouraged me daily, and I continue to live the fit lifestyle! Once you’ve started, he won’t let you stop! – Lex_fromBLISS